My Latest News, Short Stories, and Updates on Works in Progress

There's something about taking a plane of several sports fields in size and enclosing it that makes it all feel even larger. Then, just for fun, add an army of baked-mud soldiers, all standing at attention, waiting for your command to bring them to life. I gave that command, and they did come to life in Zebulon Angell and the Shadow Army. The Terracotta Soldiers in Xian, China's ancient capital, are a worthy addition to any list of the world's wonders. And while my imagination produced a wild novel, reality is producing new discoveries, half-a-century after a farmer stumbled on this ancient site. So, take a look at the latest on the Terracotta Soldiers:


I hope you'll enjoy visiting them in person one day. Until then, I invite you to check out Zebulon Angell and the Shadow Army... and peek inside the booby-trapped necropolis of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.